Friday, July 28, 2006

Did I Mention Melbourne?

In the interests of improving our sanity, getting out of Auckland, and spending some quality time with my SIL, the three of us are off to Melbourne this week...we're really looking forward to it (but mostly this - can you believe that totally by accident I booked our airline tickets and managed to coincide our visit with the last two days? How terrible!) but a little apprehensive about a 4am start tomorrow and the effect that this will have on CeeJae (and his Mummy and Daddy!) later in the day.

In the interests of a FAMILY holiday (it's not just about me attending the CraftFair, after all!) we are also hoping to get to here, here, and here. And maybe here but only if we happen to be in the neighbourhood and we have plenty of time and CeeJae and his Daddy are happy (okay, honey?).

In other news, the winners for the July WhipLash Bag Challenge have been announced over at WhipUp, and while I didn't win (or even manage a mention!), I love MOST of the ones that did and the bag that I made. And I haven't done ANY sewing this week so no WIP...naughty.

Have a lovely week. Miss me lots!

Monday, July 24, 2006

There's No "Me" in "Team"...Is There?

CeeJae, my "big boy" (he going to be three in September, for goodness sake!) has announced that he will no longer be taking a daytime nap because "big boys" don't have daytime naps. Big boys also don't have dummmies. Or bottles. Or wear nappies. Or respect Mummy's need to get a little sewing or blogging or emailing done during the day's we're home while he has a two hour sleep.

Goodbye "Me Time". Goodbye Daytime Nap - I'm going to miss you.

Why do children grow up so damn fast?

Friday, July 21, 2006

Presents for Charlotte

Cute shoes! I whipped these up the day after Charlotte arrived (wool felt and the prettiest oilcloth for the soul) using the free Bitty Booties pattern from HELLOmynameisheather - I have been home sick most of this week with the grottiest of colds which means that I can sew to my heart's content but I can't see my neice yet...not fair! HOPING (fingers and toes crossed) to see her Sunday but not confident at all that this will happen...sad, but I'd rather see her when we're well and there's no risk to Charlotte or her Mummy and Daddy.

And as I am confident that her Mummy and Daddy are FAR too busy to look at my blog, a WIP on the quilt:Just borders and backing and quilting to go (whew!)! Now that Charlotte's here and I know that she's a"she", I'll quilt the squares with hearts, just to pretty it up a little. Not that it needs it - I know I'm biased but I think it's lovely.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Welcome Baby Gee!

Little Charlotte Isabel was born last night, weighing in at a not-so-wopping 5lbs 14oz, although she is reported to be fast making up a few extra kilos!

Mummy, Baby, and very proud Daddy are doing well.

Now, this aunty really must finish that quilt!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Thank you's!

Thank you - for all the lovely comments about the Dorothy Bag! Wow...amazing. I have been away this week at her funeral which was incredibly sad, but a wonderful opportunity to catch up with my immediate and extended family, some of whom I've never met before. Isn't it funny how it takes a funeral to bring families together? Note to self: Will catch up with my family here in Auckland MUCH more often...there's nothing more important than family.

Thank you - to Mrs Bonniface, my intermediate school sewing teacher. I haven't thought of Mrs Bonniface in the longest time, but I have been teaching Harri how to sew (on her beautiful Pfaff sewing machine - jealous!) and in doing so, I have been reminded of the roles and tasks of the "sewing teacher". Mrs Bonniface and I didn't really ever see eye-to-eye, given that I was a smart arse and she had a "bonny face" (so immature), but I recall her pride, and my own, when I finally finished my first (and only) half decent sewing project - a pencil case. Still, she must have done a reasonable job, because 20 years later, I'm sewing again and teaching someone else to sew - here's Harri with her first sewing project (a bag - of course!) made entirely by Harri, with fabrics raided from my stash:

Thank you - to Borders for FINALLY updating their range of quilting and sewing books. These two little tomes now belong in me, and are jam packed FULL of gorgeous ideas. Watch this space!

Thank you - to Marsy for the American vintage square she sent with my magazine as part of the Magazine Swap. It has proved unavoidable inspiration for the next bag project, which looks a little something like this:

Thank you - to Patchwork Passion, who had a vast majority of the Wuthering Heights range from Moda from my mum's Wuthering Heights quilt. Aren't these pretty?

And finally, thank you - to my lovely husband and gorgeous son for letting me indulge in my obsession with fabrics!

And as with the Oscars, if there's anyone I've forgotten to thank, thank you to you too!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Whiplash Bag Challenge: Dorothy Bag


vintage inspired bag made from a scrap of feather printed fabric fron Cheeky Beaks, a $3/3m demin purchase from TradeMe, a few bits and pieces from my stash, and that gorgeous beaded fringe which I picked up at the local sewing centre which matches PERFECTLY.

A pink, chocolate, and denim creation inspired by, and named after, my Great-Aunt Dorothy who passed away earlier this week. Pictured above are the bag, and details of the button/ribbon tie, the interior (Moda + Amy Butler) and the beaded fringe. I loved making this bag (which borrows from the Amy Butler Nappy and Swing Bag patterns) and, as such,
I've decided to keep it...


Don't look Amelia!

Here's that post about the nappy bag I promised - a gift for my sister-in-law, who's first baby (my neice or nephew - although I have my money on "nephew") is due in about 3 weeks. I'm giving it to her tomorrow so I guess it's ok to post the pictures now...I'm always nervous about putting up pictures too early as I have no idea who reads my blog! Amelia chose the majority of the fabrics, but it was my choice as to how I put them together - and I love the colour combination, the cascading stripes (can you spell, "quick unpick"? Man, I must have ripped a million seams to get that right!) and the measuring tape detail on the front and the cellphone pocket (yes, a cellphone pocket - go Amy Butler for catering for the modern mother!).

Detail of fabrics on the front and on the back:

Detail of interior and pocket, including an oilcloth pocket for wet items (NEVER AGAIN - my sewing machine HATED sewing that stuff and packed a sad every single time...and as my machine is behaving like a bear with a sore head anyway, the oilcloth didn't help!)

In other news, I've ordered my copy of Hillary's 3-in-1 pattern book - she sold out of the first printing in 10 MINUTES and offered a priority waiting list for a second printing which I made sure I was on! If you want one, she will make any leftover pattern books available for general sale so refresh regularly! And Marsy finally got my Magazine Swap parcel - head over to Lemonade Sandwich to check out the goodies!

AND - my WhipUp bag entry is done....check back later for the post!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Gettin' Busy

As I enticingly mentioned in my last post (go on - admit it - you were enticed), I've been furiously making bags - inspired by the WhipUp/WhipLash challenge, the Amy Butler Swing Bag pattern, and a realisation that I love making these bags for gifts that everyone appears to love receiving. This blue and chocolate delight now belongs to my friend Denise (who still can't believe that I MADE HER A BAG!) and includes a $5 piece of fabric from the local upholsterer (in the sale bin, usually $120/metre), some coordinating fabrics from my stash, and bag handles from Jewels:

I especially love the naughty bright pink Amy Butler stripe and floral which make up the exterior and interior of the little cute. It was actually very difficult to give this one away - but it helps that Denise loves it and I know that she appreciates the work I have put into this just for her (the WHOLE two hours. A lifetime in cat years). I have adapted the pattern yet again for ANOTHER bag which I have very nearly finished tonight, after sacrificing CSI:New York - it is only TV after all. Hope to post pictures here soon...but tomorrow, the finished nappy bag for my SIL (cue dramatic and enticing sound effects!)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Postie, Postie, Don't Be Late!

Parcels! And two international parcels even! A fabric purchase (and some extra fabric surprises) from the very talented Kristen at Cheeky Beaks:

And my magazine (and a few extra goodies) from the lovely Marsy at Lemonade Sandwich, my Magazine Swap buddy:

So lucky! [NB: Sunshine is deliberately included in the photos to prove that despite June being the coldest month on record since 1972, we also managed to record the greatest number of sunshine hours - go figure!]

I can't wait to get started on a bag for the Whip up Bag Challenge...although check out the next post for two bags that I've finished already! Ahhhh - I love being productive!