Friday, June 27, 2008

One + Thirty-Five

I have written this post so many times and each time it doesn't get posted - for so many reasons, but mostly I blame the baby. Who isn't really a baby anymore, at all. Happy first birthday, our sweet boy. Can you believe Harry Potter Pants is one!?

We celebrated with a family afternoon tea, lots of smiles, and a little sadness - I haven't been able to post about this, and I still can't to be honest, but Stu's beautiful Dad died suddenly last month and, as you can imagine, it's been a bloody awful time and we all miss him terribly.

Oh, and Harry's Mummy turned 35 last week. I celebrated in style by dragging seven of my lovely girlfriends to our beach house at Whangamata for one whole night off. The perfect mix of a great night out with the girls, no boring chores, and a sleep-in! Sigh. No photos through - too naughty. Although some lovely presents to share on the next post. Yes - I'm back! I have THREE quilts, a nappy bag, and various other fun sewing projects on the go, a house to declutter (gotta love TradeMe and this, which I watched for the first time last night - and it scared me straight!), and two beautiful children, all of which will be shared in Blogland. Assuming my new addiction to Facebook doesn't interfere too much with my blogging time ...



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