Friday, January 30, 2009

Psst- still here.

Embarrassingly remiss of me to neglect to post since SEPTEMBER last year, especially after PROMISING to sort myself out and get to sewing and posting - but life somehow manages to get in the way, huh?

Happy 2009 - more soon (no promises - just a "maybe"). Photos above are of the boys enjoying our recent jaunt to the beach with my folks - glorious weather and my first sea swim of the season...bliss.


PS. This one's for the Laings - my last loyal readers. Thanks for hanging in there, team!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh Amy...

...why do you taunt me so? You know I can't afford any new fabrics and that I'm trying so hard to use the fabrics that I have but...these are just so sweet! Please stop with all the gorgeous fabrics!

The most enormous literature review ever in the history of the planet is due to be completed this week and then I'm getting the sewing machine out - what project will I work on first!? Vote to win!

Harry's quilt?

Zoe's quilt?

Tom's quilt?

Or those b&**$y annoying Scrappy Bunny's!?!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

So sad...

June 27th!? How can it be that long since I posted!? And to top off the humiliation, it took 10 minutes for me to locate my Blogger login and password. Pathetic. I know - nobody cares anymore, except Jewels who asks me everytime I see her when I plan to update my blog. This one's for you, baby.

Just returned from a glorious weekend in the 'Bridge, celebrating my baby sister's 30th birthday, including a night here, which was just so cosy and perfect. We will be back. Thank you to Nana and Sara for looking after my precious boys.

On the sewing front there's not a lot to report - I took my machine home to Mum and Dad's when I was there a few months back and it's still in the garage where I left it when I took it out of the car. Sigh. Zoe's quilt is cut out and Tom and Harry's are waiting for more of my attention but - where does the time go?

Still, I've been busy, working, keeping house, and raising these two adorable troublemakers. It's not much of an excuse but I'll take it.


Friday, June 27, 2008

One + Thirty-Five

I have written this post so many times and each time it doesn't get posted - for so many reasons, but mostly I blame the baby. Who isn't really a baby anymore, at all. Happy first birthday, our sweet boy. Can you believe Harry Potter Pants is one!?

We celebrated with a family afternoon tea, lots of smiles, and a little sadness - I haven't been able to post about this, and I still can't to be honest, but Stu's beautiful Dad died suddenly last month and, as you can imagine, it's been a bloody awful time and we all miss him terribly.

Oh, and Harry's Mummy turned 35 last week. I celebrated in style by dragging seven of my lovely girlfriends to our beach house at Whangamata for one whole night off. The perfect mix of a great night out with the girls, no boring chores, and a sleep-in! Sigh. No photos through - too naughty. Although some lovely presents to share on the next post. Yes - I'm back! I have THREE quilts, a nappy bag, and various other fun sewing projects on the go, a house to declutter (gotta love TradeMe and this, which I watched for the first time last night - and it scared me straight!), and two beautiful children, all of which will be shared in Blogland. Assuming my new addiction to Facebook doesn't interfere too much with my blogging time ...


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Oh Where, Oh Where, Can She Be?

I know - just under a month since my last entry! I AM still here, just bogged (or should that be blogged?) under with life and work and children - Harry Pants is snotty and teething today and for some hideous reason, he seems to think that 4am is an excellent time to wake up! Hence, long days for Mummy. Just as well he's adorable.

Sewing is sadly NOT a priority at the moment, although I have a TON of projects I would LOVE to get finished and/or started...I'm thinking about committing to a month of sewing and blogging for May but we'll see.

Watch this space.


Friday, February 22, 2008

For Weekends, Travelling, and the Such Like.

The Weekender Travel Bag I made for Mama this past Christmas...LOTS of hard work but well worth the effort and lots of new and very useful skills learned along the way (like piping (PIPING!) and putting in a zipper). Thank you, little sister, for the photo!

Luckily for me, Mama drew my name for Christmas and I received this adorable sewing bag, made with the Empress Woo fabrics (which I love):

Too cute!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bless This Baby

Title of this post refers to the recent baptism of Harry Francis in our local St. Andrew's Church in this gorgeous gown, handmade by my mother. Both my babies have worn this for their baptism's although CJ was baptised in the St Andrews in Cambridge at 4 months old (and just fit the gown) and Harry-Pants managed to fit into it at 8 months! Really loved the gathering of family and friends to celebrate this special day with us - extra special thanks to his lovely godparents (Harri, Trace and Paul) for their commitment to us and to Harry, and to the special people who got out of bed VERY early to make sure they were at the church on time...even if the baby only just made it on time himself! To be honest, I think CJ actually stole the show a little in his Royal Stewart kilt! I'll try to locate a photo - he looked so handsome! Thanks also for the help with morning tea, including these cute-as-a-button "HFN" cupcakes, made by Jewels:

In other news, new fabric* for Tom's quilt:

[*For those of you who do actually read this blog, you will have noted in my last post that I claimed that I'm not buying new fabric this year. Just to clarify, I am not buying new fabric FOR MY STASH, but can buy fabric for a purpose, like the border of a quilt for my nephew. Whew - glad we cleared that up!]

Inspiration borrowed from my Mum (Kaffe Fassett's books) and given to me for Christmas from Jewels (Softies book):

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day! xxx