Thursday, March 23, 2006


I have been sick with a particularly nasty virus this week and I'm off to Wellington tomorrow for a two day "retreat" (which sounds like spas and cocktails and massages and cute waiters and stuff but is actually an exceptionally dull Council meeting...) so I give you a photo all the way from Ireland of the gorgeous Ryan with his Pretty Irish Kitty - both made with love by my lovely cousin, Alison! You clever girl, Alison - both are delicous!


Thursday, March 16, 2006

The fab-wics are here!

[The title of this post is a reference to a visit to Patchwork Passion last week with my Mum and Dad - we pulled up outside and CeeJae lent over to my Dad and said in big loud voice, "You better wait here Grandpa - I'm just going inside to get my fab-wics!". How cute is that!]

A little parcel arrived for me today from Kimberley at the Fat Quarter Shop - 16 fat quarters from the lime and aqua Flea Market Fancy fabrics! Stunning. And so me!!! I can't believe the service and value from the FQ Shop - absolutely outstanding. Jewels bought the "mustard and chocolate" fabrics and will hopefully have them here for me to see to follow.

Additional to the aforementioned brief visit to Patchwork Passion last Thursday (Mum is making a beautiful quilt with a selection of yummy reds and Japanese fabrics), Jewels and I headed out to Calico Cottage for a second attempt last Friday...the service was much more receptive, and the range still amazing. New purchases included the aqua dragonfly's and coordinating Japanese fabric and orange dots which you can see here made up into a little laundry bag (right), along with a little bag in the pink and lime's I bought there last time (and which I have given to Mum today as a little present!). CeeJae is very jealous and has requested that the red truck "fab-wic" he chose is IMMEDIATELY made into a little bag too - which I must get around too! I have been thinking about making a few little laundry and peg bags to sell at the local craft market - but I'm not too taken with the idea of more things to do so will wait and see where that plan goes!

Other spoils this week have included a $13 collection of offcuts and sale fabrics from the "Growing Up" store in Manakau Rd - which is sadly going out of business. I picked up a range of bits and pieces including two denims, a piece of calico, waffle fabric offcuts (which I love - and will be so cute for some new soft toys) and bits of upholstery fabrics which will all be washed and added to that evergrowing stash...

Really must post more often - too much to tell you all! Remember to send me photos of your "Pretty Pointy Kitty's" to post and check out the new free bunny pattern at Wee Wonderfuls...too adorable!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Still here!

We have been a little busy this past few weeks, with our own lives but also working through some unexpected and gut-wrenching family news ...but I'm back. Just. Lots of thoughts and prayers to our special family - we love you all and are thinking of you and wishing you the best every day.

I'm into boxes this week! These are a wee collection (two were given to me by my boss who was throwing them out then thought of me!) that will live on my sewing table, full of essential items, as soon as I get her painted and cute!

And my passion for anything with spots continues...this little gem also indulges my stationery passion too! I picked it up from the cutest shop called "Clan and Castle" in Trafalger Street in Onehunga - the lovely owner (who obviously loves her work so much - she forgot to pick her daughter up from school yesterday!) has the most gorgeous collection of homewares and gifts and also makes gorgeous cushions, linen, and curtains - quotes for roman blinds forthwith! (Why should I make them when she can do a million times better? Winter is coming people - we need curtains!)

Quilt updates and photos to follow - Jewels is up today to inspire and advise! Baby Gee's quilt is trucking along nicely and the mystery quilt has begun! Oh and I have FINALLY have a pattern which will do justice to my Amy Butler collection - check out the cover of this month's Australian Quilters Companion! AQC is not a magazine I usually buy but might become one...just what I need - more magazines!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Slow and Steady...

Progress on Baby Gee's quilt is coming along slow and steady with the completion of the first of the cute farm animals in a range of the 13 vintage inspired fabrics, with additional cute animals and other identifiable objects (such as an umbrella and rugby ball!) still to come - the cutouts are drawn from the original pattern and my impressive collection of 100 cookie cutters (of all things) and attached to the calico squares with visilene, then sewn into place and held with pretty embellishments, such as a beaded cat collar.

Check out these adorable retro fabrics from Patchwork Passion - added to the ever-growing stash!

And finally, these. Six spools of gorgeous coordinating ribbon, with four feet of ribbon on each (they're from America - go figure!). Made by American Crafts: Elements and available from Spotlight for $14.95, these are actually located with the scrapbooking supplies but could easily be used by a budding seamstress for something pretty...again, as yet to be determined and added to that stash!