Saturday, July 15, 2006

Thank you's!

Thank you - for all the lovely comments about the Dorothy Bag! Wow...amazing. I have been away this week at her funeral which was incredibly sad, but a wonderful opportunity to catch up with my immediate and extended family, some of whom I've never met before. Isn't it funny how it takes a funeral to bring families together? Note to self: Will catch up with my family here in Auckland MUCH more often...there's nothing more important than family.

Thank you - to Mrs Bonniface, my intermediate school sewing teacher. I haven't thought of Mrs Bonniface in the longest time, but I have been teaching Harri how to sew (on her beautiful Pfaff sewing machine - jealous!) and in doing so, I have been reminded of the roles and tasks of the "sewing teacher". Mrs Bonniface and I didn't really ever see eye-to-eye, given that I was a smart arse and she had a "bonny face" (so immature), but I recall her pride, and my own, when I finally finished my first (and only) half decent sewing project - a pencil case. Still, she must have done a reasonable job, because 20 years later, I'm sewing again and teaching someone else to sew - here's Harri with her first sewing project (a bag - of course!) made entirely by Harri, with fabrics raided from my stash:

Thank you - to Borders for FINALLY updating their range of quilting and sewing books. These two little tomes now belong in me, and are jam packed FULL of gorgeous ideas. Watch this space!

Thank you - to Marsy for the American vintage square she sent with my magazine as part of the Magazine Swap. It has proved unavoidable inspiration for the next bag project, which looks a little something like this:

Thank you - to Patchwork Passion, who had a vast majority of the Wuthering Heights range from Moda from my mum's Wuthering Heights quilt. Aren't these pretty?

And finally, thank you - to my lovely husband and gorgeous son for letting me indulge in my obsession with fabrics!

And as with the Oscars, if there's anyone I've forgotten to thank, thank you to you too!


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