Thursday, February 14, 2008

Bless This Baby

Title of this post refers to the recent baptism of Harry Francis in our local St. Andrew's Church in this gorgeous gown, handmade by my mother. Both my babies have worn this for their baptism's although CJ was baptised in the St Andrews in Cambridge at 4 months old (and just fit the gown) and Harry-Pants managed to fit into it at 8 months! Really loved the gathering of family and friends to celebrate this special day with us - extra special thanks to his lovely godparents (Harri, Trace and Paul) for their commitment to us and to Harry, and to the special people who got out of bed VERY early to make sure they were at the church on time...even if the baby only just made it on time himself! To be honest, I think CJ actually stole the show a little in his Royal Stewart kilt! I'll try to locate a photo - he looked so handsome! Thanks also for the help with morning tea, including these cute-as-a-button "HFN" cupcakes, made by Jewels:

In other news, new fabric* for Tom's quilt:

[*For those of you who do actually read this blog, you will have noted in my last post that I claimed that I'm not buying new fabric this year. Just to clarify, I am not buying new fabric FOR MY STASH, but can buy fabric for a purpose, like the border of a quilt for my nephew. Whew - glad we cleared that up!]

Inspiration borrowed from my Mum (Kaffe Fassett's books) and given to me for Christmas from Jewels (Softies book):

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day! xxx


At 10:07 AM , Blogger lemonade sandwich said...

Well, as long as the fabric has a purpose in mind, that's ok. :) Glad to see that you aren't totally depriving yourself.


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