Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Postie, Postie, Don't Be Late!

Parcels! And two international parcels even! A fabric purchase (and some extra fabric surprises) from the very talented Kristen at Cheeky Beaks:

And my magazine (and a few extra goodies) from the lovely Marsy at Lemonade Sandwich, my Magazine Swap buddy:

So lucky! [NB: Sunshine is deliberately included in the photos to prove that despite June being the coldest month on record since 1972, we also managed to record the greatest number of sunshine hours - go figure!]

I can't wait to get started on a bag for the Whip up Bag Challenge...although check out the next post for two bags that I've finished already! Ahhhh - I love being productive!


At 11:35 PM , Blogger Em said...

Aaahhhh, sunshine. I managed to get washing dry OUTSIDE over the weekend (sadly my life is such that I get excited about such things). Love the parcels you got, the fabric is great. What do you plan to make? Also love the mag - shopping issue no less. Marsy did get to know you well! Keep warm.

At 10:02 PM , Blogger Megan said...

I am so jealous of that Cheeky Beaks fabric, it is FABULOUS!


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