Friday, July 28, 2006

Did I Mention Melbourne?

In the interests of improving our sanity, getting out of Auckland, and spending some quality time with my SIL, the three of us are off to Melbourne this week...we're really looking forward to it (but mostly this - can you believe that totally by accident I booked our airline tickets and managed to coincide our visit with the last two days? How terrible!) but a little apprehensive about a 4am start tomorrow and the effect that this will have on CeeJae (and his Mummy and Daddy!) later in the day.

In the interests of a FAMILY holiday (it's not just about me attending the CraftFair, after all!) we are also hoping to get to here, here, and here. And maybe here but only if we happen to be in the neighbourhood and we have plenty of time and CeeJae and his Daddy are happy (okay, honey?).

In other news, the winners for the July WhipLash Bag Challenge have been announced over at WhipUp, and while I didn't win (or even manage a mention!), I love MOST of the ones that did and the bag that I made. And I haven't done ANY sewing this week so no WIP...naughty.

Have a lovely week. Miss me lots!


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