Thursday, August 23, 2007


A new bedtime outfit (complete with adorable and matching bunny no less!) for Harry from Country Rd Kids:
Over a metre of this stunning Amy Butler Belle fabric, a TradeMe bargain:

Oh, and I have a really BAD case of the "I want's" - try these, these, anything from here, this (of course), and this AND this from the One In Ten auction (which seems to be mentioned on every blog I read and looks like a wonderful cause with lots of wonderful items to bid on) .

In other news, we're doing pretty damn well. Harry is 10 weeks old now and SO delicious. Our trip to meet Zoe and Thomas last weekend was wonderful (Harry was on his best behaviour!) and included a jaunt to the local market (in the rain even!) where we picked up the prettiest blue eggs, artisan breads, Trade Aid chocolates, stuffed olives, and a salami! And today I hosted a hugely successful "Mothers Afternoon Tea", an opportunity for the mothers of pre-school children living in our street to meet each other...shoot, I could get used to this "Stay At Home Mum" thing!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Welcome back! I've finally dusted off the sewing machine (and trust me, she was pretty damn dusty!) and re-joined my Tuesday night quilt class, so I guess I'm OFFICIALLY back quilting and crafting.

I have two serious projects on the go - one's a secret project (check back here in December for explanation and photos), and the other's the quilt I started for Harry-Pants while I was carrying him, but abandoned in favour of other projects (and because I really didn't know if he was a "he" or a "she"):

Plus, these supplies (LOVE the ribbons) purchased from Spotlight yesterday on a wee jaunt out without either of my children confirm my renewed crafting commitment:

Of note, the last round of nappy bags now belong to babies - welcome to the world Thomas Christopher (my gorgeous nephew, born 08 July 2007) and Zoe Helen, born yesterday afternoon (after a lot of hard work from her very tired but very happy Mummy). Congratulations to the proud Mummies and Daddies - Harry and I am SO looking forward to meeting both Thomas and Zoe this coming weekend.

Oh - and insert gratuitous baby photo here. Isn't he just too damn adorable?