Monday, February 27, 2006

Well done Emma!

Introducing Jemima Pointy Kitty and Ernest the Monkey, made by my friend Emma (who is a very busy Mum with two yummy children, so extra special "big ups" to you Em!). How cute are these two!

Funny story too - Emma initially sent these photos from her husband's phone and as we have different providers, I couldn't download the photos and I didn't recognise the number - so naturally I concuded that I was being spammed! I rang the number (and still didn't recognise the voice on the answerphone) and asked the nice man to stop sending me crap I couldn't open...well, how embarrased was I when Emma promptly called to assure me that I wasn't being spammed and that I did want the photos of Ernest and Jemima! It loses something in the telling, but funny at the time, so I GUESS YOU HAD TO BE THERE! (Emma's laughing, so there!)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Visting Calico Cottage

On the advice of one of the lovely lady's in my quilt group, Kelly (another lovely lady in my quilt group) and I (and our three little monsters) embarked on an adventure this morning, to visit Calico Cottage in Forest Hill Rd. While the service wasn't the warmest (perhaps something to do with three bored children, who, in all fairness were actually very well behaved and quite happily entertained by the resident dog and her ball), the range of fabrics is absolutely outstanding and the 20% discount sale (which sadly finished today) made it well worth the trip - thank goodness Kelly was driving as I have NO IDEA where we actually went! We agreed that next time we will make the journey sans children as I suspect we will then have more time to browse through the wonderful fabric and pattern selection - which includes at least one of absolutely everything - and also enjoy a quiet coffee in a local cafe...what a wonderful idea, Kelly! Purchased for my stash were a gorgeous selection of six 30's inspired red's and greens, a bright pink and green stripe and matching dot (for a laundry bag) and three pretty pink's (one being an Amy Butler stripe, I think), all of which I simply love and will add to the collection - oh and a bulldozer and digger piece chosen by CeeJae which will be a cushion for his day. Hmmmm....

And finally, the prettiest selection of cushions I have EVER seen, as shown in the latest Better Home and Garden's magazine. Beautiful. This is a fantastic and inspiring magazine and website with lots of free patterns and ideas...great stuff.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Quick update...

Pretty Pointy Kitty is complete! She is so cute (and CeeJae ADORES her - of course!) but she was a bear to turn in the right way and stuff - as the instructions tell you! If you're planning on making her, I would recommend adding an additional 1/4 inch when you cut out her underbelly (C) as the seam allowance is too tight for joining the pieces and attaching them up...she's a little puckered underneath (and aren't we all!?) but adorable nonetheless. I used an Amy Butler fabric (of course) and wool felting for her stripes and eyes.

Baby Gee's quilt is underway! These are the fabrics, which are very "vintage" and surprisingly well coordinated...I picked up the last few from Cushla's in Devonport last week. Off to my quilt class now to cut out and mahine applique the hearts and animals onto the calico squares which go in between (or gossip - will decide when I get there). Sounds complex but it's not!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Good Things...

1. Stationery - I am a stationery fiend. I love notepads and pencils and stickies and anything to do with stationery...I am the stationery cupboard's worst nightmare. Exhibit A: (L) Gorgeous striped writing paper, with matching envelopes, and the cutest envelope seals, and (R) Lotta Jansdotter stickies which are whimsical and far too beautiful to use...although I will force myself to do so, of course. Both from Whitcoulls and purchased in a moment of utter indulgence last Thursday when the Monkee and I went out BY OURSELVES on a date. How lucky are we?

2. My first ever soft toys - cute Crazy Kitties, which I finished last night and who are both adored by my son. They were meant to be a gift for a friend of ours, and the small one was supposed to be a prototype, but CeeJae cried when I pulled the stuffing out of the "Baby Kitty" so I had to redo him and make him whole...

3. Our cat Bean who is named after the friend who introduced the Monkee and I to each other - he is an "SPCA special" and he is suffering in this heat (being black!) and has made himself a nest in the shade of the ferns in the back garden. He annoys me immensely but I really do love him...
4. This delicious concoction of sundried tomotoes, green and black olives, and feta purchased with a loaf of chucky bread and other assorted goodies at the Onehunga Markets this morning... what a perfect start to Sunday.

5. That H2Go sparkling water with Cranberry...

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Pretty Pointy Kitty

I have just today downloaded the most gorgeous free pattern - the cutest pointy kitty ever. She's beautiful and I can't wait to make her! A big thank you to Hilary at Wee Wonderrfuls (where I've been lurkng for the longest time - and posted my first comment today!) for being so generous and so clever!

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Girls Are Back in Town!

This Tuesday marked the welcome and anticipated return of my Tuesday night quilting group - a local "drop in" group (with limited places and a great bunch of girls who REFUSE to give up those places!) organised through Patchwork Passion which runs fortnightly from 7-9.30pm, and offers support and advice from our lovely and extremely talented tutor, Rebecca. It was WONDERFUL to see everyone and to have a wee brag about the projects I finished over the summer break...the nappy bags for my MIL and Trace, CeeJae's stars, and Amy's quilt. Very proud. Only downside was the return of the hilarious "House" which is now on Tuesday's instead of Fridays - although, come to think of it wasn't one of my new year's resolutions to turn OFF the TV?! (But not CSI...I LOVE CSI!) (Oh, and Criminal Intent) (Oh, and SVU) (But that's all) (I promise).

We have had a hectic but strangely refreshing few weeks, including a few days in Whangamata over Waitangi weekend which was wonderful - CeeJae LOVED the beach and the sea and required removal with a fair degree of force and consternation when it was time to go home! Upside is - he slept like a log!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Goodbye, sweet Kate.

Monday was Auckland Anniversary Day and aside from being STINKING hot, Monday was also the first day of the two day closing down sale at Kate Fitzpatrick on Manuaku Rd. Lots of bargains (and not-so- bargains) but I managed to pick up this cute ironing board cover for $10.00 (Yes, the dot is is the right palce - TEN DOLLARS), a couple of cute teatowels (which are drying on the line...), and a couple of metres each of these gorgeous American vintage stripes for $9.95/metre - good stuff. The stripes are pre-destined to become backing fabrics - for BabyGee's quilt and something else yet to be decided - and are pictured here with a gorgeous Amercian vintage ABC fabric from KFH which will be featured in the cot quilt. The ABC fabric wasn't in the closing down sale, although I was assured by the sales girl when I popped along to the less spectacular "sale" on Saturday, that the Kate Fitzpatrick website (which, along with the store in Cambridge, will be the primary outlet for fabrics and other beautiful things) will be having a BIG opening sale in the very near future - get on the mailing list for more details!

Waitangi weekend this weekend and we are off to the beach at Whangamata with CeeJae's gorgeous new suitcase (I couldn't resist - and it was a Pumpkin Patch bargain too!) for a few relaxing days with my Mum and Dad - we haven't been too far from Auckland in a while, so we're looking forward to getting away and doing a bit of nothing! Hoping (fingers and toes crossed) that as school starts on Tuesday, most people will be heading back into Auckland this weekend to spend a few getting themselves prepared, thus freeing the road of all those hideous cars and dangerous drivers...and if you weren't planning to do this, I think you probably should! Don't you?