Thursday, February 02, 2006

Goodbye, sweet Kate.

Monday was Auckland Anniversary Day and aside from being STINKING hot, Monday was also the first day of the two day closing down sale at Kate Fitzpatrick on Manuaku Rd. Lots of bargains (and not-so- bargains) but I managed to pick up this cute ironing board cover for $10.00 (Yes, the dot is is the right palce - TEN DOLLARS), a couple of cute teatowels (which are drying on the line...), and a couple of metres each of these gorgeous American vintage stripes for $9.95/metre - good stuff. The stripes are pre-destined to become backing fabrics - for BabyGee's quilt and something else yet to be decided - and are pictured here with a gorgeous Amercian vintage ABC fabric from KFH which will be featured in the cot quilt. The ABC fabric wasn't in the closing down sale, although I was assured by the sales girl when I popped along to the less spectacular "sale" on Saturday, that the Kate Fitzpatrick website (which, along with the store in Cambridge, will be the primary outlet for fabrics and other beautiful things) will be having a BIG opening sale in the very near future - get on the mailing list for more details!

Waitangi weekend this weekend and we are off to the beach at Whangamata with CeeJae's gorgeous new suitcase (I couldn't resist - and it was a Pumpkin Patch bargain too!) for a few relaxing days with my Mum and Dad - we haven't been too far from Auckland in a while, so we're looking forward to getting away and doing a bit of nothing! Hoping (fingers and toes crossed) that as school starts on Tuesday, most people will be heading back into Auckland this weekend to spend a few getting themselves prepared, thus freeing the road of all those hideous cars and dangerous drivers...and if you weren't planning to do this, I think you probably should! Don't you?


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