Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Quick update...

Pretty Pointy Kitty is complete! She is so cute (and CeeJae ADORES her - of course!) but she was a bear to turn in the right way and stuff - as the instructions tell you! If you're planning on making her, I would recommend adding an additional 1/4 inch when you cut out her underbelly (C) as the seam allowance is too tight for joining the pieces and attaching them up...she's a little puckered underneath (and aren't we all!?) but adorable nonetheless. I used an Amy Butler fabric (of course) and wool felting for her stripes and eyes.

Baby Gee's quilt is underway! These are the fabrics, which are very "vintage" and surprisingly well coordinated...I picked up the last few from Cushla's in Devonport last week. Off to my quilt class now to cut out and mahine applique the hearts and animals onto the calico squares which go in between (or gossip - will decide when I get there). Sounds complex but it's not!


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