Monday, February 27, 2006

Well done Emma!

Introducing Jemima Pointy Kitty and Ernest the Monkey, made by my friend Emma (who is a very busy Mum with two yummy children, so extra special "big ups" to you Em!). How cute are these two!

Funny story too - Emma initially sent these photos from her husband's phone and as we have different providers, I couldn't download the photos and I didn't recognise the number - so naturally I concuded that I was being spammed! I rang the number (and still didn't recognise the voice on the answerphone) and asked the nice man to stop sending me crap I couldn't open...well, how embarrased was I when Emma promptly called to assure me that I wasn't being spammed and that I did want the photos of Ernest and Jemima! It loses something in the telling, but funny at the time, so I GUESS YOU HAD TO BE THERE! (Emma's laughing, so there!)


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