Friday, February 10, 2006

The Girls Are Back in Town!

This Tuesday marked the welcome and anticipated return of my Tuesday night quilting group - a local "drop in" group (with limited places and a great bunch of girls who REFUSE to give up those places!) organised through Patchwork Passion which runs fortnightly from 7-9.30pm, and offers support and advice from our lovely and extremely talented tutor, Rebecca. It was WONDERFUL to see everyone and to have a wee brag about the projects I finished over the summer break...the nappy bags for my MIL and Trace, CeeJae's stars, and Amy's quilt. Very proud. Only downside was the return of the hilarious "House" which is now on Tuesday's instead of Fridays - although, come to think of it wasn't one of my new year's resolutions to turn OFF the TV?! (But not CSI...I LOVE CSI!) (Oh, and Criminal Intent) (Oh, and SVU) (But that's all) (I promise).

We have had a hectic but strangely refreshing few weeks, including a few days in Whangamata over Waitangi weekend which was wonderful - CeeJae LOVED the beach and the sea and required removal with a fair degree of force and consternation when it was time to go home! Upside is - he slept like a log!


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