Saturday, September 23, 2006

Girl About Town

CeeJae and I have returned this morning from three days at the farm, which included taking in a private viewing of this little beauty, which I totally ADORE (I just have to convince the Monkey that moving out of The City is a perfectly sane idea), and the Waikato Quilt and Craft Fair where I picked up the little yellow dress-up doll fabric from Cushlas Village Fabrics and these other little cuties from Just Patchwork:

In other news, a WIP which is destined to be a nappy bag for Mel:

And a photo just for Uncle Jimmy, to prove that we DO have room for a swingball set...thank you! This photo was taken in between afternoon showers so maybe it's the weather we need to worry about in The City, not just the size of our front lawn!?

Oh and today I opened an Etsy account - watch this space!


At 12:44 PM , Blogger Em said...

That cottage is beautiful! I can recommend moving out of The City - we have never looked back. Although I do miss my friends.....
Loving the new fabrics too, can't wait to see what creations come from it.


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