Monday, August 07, 2006

Our Hearts Belong to Melbourne

We have returned from our seven day sojourn in the beautiful city of Melbourne... what a fantastic holiday! CeeJae was a S.T.A.R, enduring six hour flight delay's in both directions (Word of advice? NEVER catch the Qantas flight from Auckland, which originates/continues to LA. Apparently, stupid modern planes cannot LAND in fog, although they can take off - who knew? It's, quite frankly, DEMORALISING to watch plane after plane after plane taking off in an attempt to amuse your three year old who is patiently waiting for his turn, having woken up at 4am to take a big adventure to... well, the airport. At least his first experience of overseas air travel means that things cannot get any worse.)


Our first overseas holiday as a family, and nothing to do but relax and enjoy each others company (Magic). CeeJae was just brilliant - he settled in really well and loved having Mummy and Daddy all to himself for a whole we loved having him to ourselves too.

Spending the week with wonderful Aunty Pippa (Too much fun!). We did, however, have to play fun police and have a VERY serious chat with Pippa about the potentially dire consequences of CeeJae bouncing on the bed after dinner and before bedtime..and we were gently reminded that aunties get to have all the fun and none of the responsibility! Can't wait to bounce on the bed with Charlotte!

The Quilt and Craft Show (Inspiring and overwhelming!). Beautiful fabrics, tons of inspiration, almost too much to take in over one morning. Trends? 1930's/reproduction prints, anything textured (think flannel, flannelette, chenille), and anything by Amy Butler and Denyse Schmidt. Too much yumminess. And these managed to hide to somehow hide in my luggage (unbeknown to me, of course):

Amy Butler flannels

As a rule I don't collect Japanese fabrics, but these are stunning and destined for a beautiful bag.

Plus, a Five Funky Monkey's charm square pack is finally mine and several additions were made to the Johnny and Buck cowboy collection for BabyHill's quilt - I have photos, but Blogger hates me, and Grey's Anatomy is looming. Tomorrow's treat.

The public transport system in Melbourne (Brilliant!). To be honest we could have just ridden the trains and trams all day - CeeJae LOVED catching the train each morning (Pippa lives two minutes walk from the train station and you can catch a train pretty much anywhere in Melbourne) and asked me this morning where the trams were in Auckland...

The attractions? We visited Scienceworks, Bridge Rd and Bourke Street, Melbourne Central, Lygon Street, the Maurice Sendak exhibition at the Jewish Museum (remember "Where the Wild Things Are"? Now THAT was a highlight!), Melbourne Aquarium and the Southbank, Queen Vic Markets (gorgeous food), and the Zoo..and we loved them all.

CeeJae contemplates the fountain (and the meaning of life) on the Southbank - so young, and yet so wise.

Thanks for a wonderful holiday, City of Melbourne. I'm sure we'll see you again real soon.


At 7:44 AM , Blogger Megan said...

You've got quite a stash going there now!


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