Sunday, August 13, 2006

Finally! A Cuddle For Baby Charlotte

We have spent the last few days in the Bridge, enjoying some downtime with the extended FamilyGee, and (the cherry on the top!) we have finally met the adorable Baby Charlotte! She is SO yummy - a teeny-tiny bundle of babyness, and cute? As a button! CeeJae and I enjoyed our own special cuddle and play with her...too precious. Congratulations again to her lovely Mummy and Daddy. [Can you spell C.L.U.C.K.Y?]

As well as a fleeting visit to Cottage Flair (where I bought NOTHING, and you'll find out why next week) and the yummiest coffee and cake in Tirau, as well as playing with the toys at Aunty Amy's house (including her gorgeous restored toybox, complete with oilcloth cowboys) , other highlights from the long weekend included GrandMa Gee's progress on the Wuthering Heights Quilt (very impressive!), and the nearly finished heart quilt (with just binding to go) which she had quilted by Puddle&Co (who I will probably ask to finish Baby Charlotte's quilt, once I sort out the backing)...
...and attending Garden Circle with the Whitehall Ladies - it was a real treat to visit a beautiful local home and garden, and enjoy a tutorial for making a beautiful oilcloth and ribbon noticeboard, and a yummy afternoon tea - and we even managed to pick up a few duck eggs! Thank you Coyla, for these delicious eggs (one of which we enjoyed in homemade pancakes this morning...) - and what a glorious colour duck egg blue really is too!

I also loved going through these doll clothes, which my mother made for my sister's beloved Cabbage Patch Kid, Alisha Holly...aren't they adorable? We had lots of laughs remembering our loved toys, and Mum especially laughs at how much time she spent ensuring that Alisha was the best dressed doll in the district! Twenty years later (and after spending much of the last decade in a box) these beautiful sets of dresses and bloomers, bibs, and bonnets, are still exquisite, a testimont to Mum's brilliant eye for colour and detail, and her sewing skills. And yes, that really is the view from Mum and Dad's home - pretty amazing, huh?


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