Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Given the season, I have made a few little bunnies as gifts for a few special friends - the first is on her way to America to be Amelia's and was made from the Wee Wonderfuls Wee Bunny pattern which is a free download from Hillary - what a clever girl she is! The materials are from my stash (given that Jewels and I are unofficial members of the "April: Use What You Have" club, as we are saving money for our trip to Melbourne next month), with the inside of her ears and bunny tail finished in wool felt - and I added the "A" for extra special effect! In hindsight, I will triple the size of ears for a more floppsy appeal and, if you plan to make her, watch the attachment of the bottom piece - it took me three goes to get it almost right!

The second bunny, seen here lazing with his new mates amongst the weeds in the pukeko pot, is from a pattern which can be found in the latest Australian Better Homes and Gardens, and was an afternoon activity completed with my sister MissGee (soon to be MrsBee!) while I was down at the farm - the fabrics are stolen from her stash (still counts as use what you have! And I noticed that you took home those gorgeous flannels, missy!) and the pattern is only enlarged 150% - talk about a nightmare! Thanks to Mum for her patience - needless to say, we will enlarge the pattern way more next time! Also, the seam allowance is NOT included on the pattern and while we were aware of this, we may have cheated a little on the allowance which didn't help (Note to self; Do not skimp on seam allowance! Half inch all the way!). Recipient for this bunny hasn't been determined yet...any takers?

Anyway, that's all I have - my sewing machine is off for a service this week and I miss it terribly! In other sewing related news, however, I have finally chosen this very pretty oilcloth from Kate Fitzpatrick for my sewing table, so I will endevour to spend some of this rapidly disappearing Easter weekend getting started on the painting and covering...and BabyGee's quilt is back on! I realised on reflection, that I really just hate the yellow and so I have taken out the yellow sqaures, blanket stitched the hearts and animals in ruby red, and will add bright ruby red borders to each of the soon as I get my beloved Elna back, of course.

Happy Easter, lovelies!


At 10:44 PM , Blogger Em said...

Love the bunny. How did you get her ears to stick up? Mine are decidedly floppy (my bunny's ears that is!). Being a bit blonde - where is that great bunny pattern in Aussie H & G? Where can I buy it - not here in the usual hideouts! Love the oilcloth too. Go girl, how do you fit it in?


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