Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Funny Farm

CeeJae and I took the Overlander train from Britomart to Hamilton this morning for a few days on the farm with "Grandpa/Grandpa" (CeeJae can't quite work out the Grandpa AND Grandma thing). We arrived at 0945 and he's already won over his grandparents and his Aunty H-amy with his grumpy face and ever-so-cute rendition of his ABC's (which finishes at G!), had a ride on the motorbike, and deposited a whirlwind of toys across the living room. He's now asleep - thank goodness! Welcome to the Funny Farm! We are looking forward to a few days home, getting out of the Big Smoke, and spending time with my folks before Mum heads off to France for a few weeks...Bon Voyage Maman! Sewing free zone here as my machine is in for a service - which takes 10 whole days! What are the planning to do to my baby!?

(NB: Letter to the Editor forthwith: Britomart is simply amazing - clean, tidy, and the staff are so friendly! - and all those people whinging to the papers about how much they hate it should really just be quiet now. Hamilton Station, on the other hand, deserves to be called revolting and a horrible reflection on the Tron..send cash now.)

Plans for the weekend include getting myself a haircut (Gosh, I NEED a haircut. Truly. I do.), a trip to Tirau tomorrow for lunch and shopping, catching up with family, and spending lots of quality time talking weddings with my lovely little sister who is marrying the equally lovely Clif in October.

Ahh, t'is the season of love...


At 10:44 PM , Blogger Em said...

Hey E, have a grand time 'down south'. Hope the weather is kind to you and you have a restful time. Love to the two grandpas! Looking forward to catching up soon. Love that you took the train! Ceejae must have been in heaven (I know SP would be). Love your blog. More please xxx


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