Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Here and there and everywhere!

Wow - things have been so crazy this past few weeks and I apologise to the two people who take the time to read this blog (!) for my lack of posting...I have been working away furiously as Guest Editor for this month's Association magazine (first draft was "put to bed" today), preparing my PhD proposal (yes, it looks like it's back on folks!), supporting my husband in his quest for a new job (completed as of yesterday), and preparing for some other exciting professional roles - which does not leave a lot of time for sewing! However, on that front, Jewels and I attended the Stitching and Handcraft Show in Auckland last Friday (pretty average, especially after a hugely exciting discussion about her wedding plans - yay for Jewels! Yay for me too as I am one of the "Best Women"!) - although I did pick up two cute flannels (which go with the other cute flannels) and more spotty, dotty fabrics...what a surprise!

I'm also in the midst of making the Wee Bunny for a wee American friend for Easter (no children will be getting chocolate from me this year) from Wee Wonderfuls although it appears that he's been taken hostage by CeeJae who loves Wee Bunny sans eyes, nose, and tail - I suspect I will end up making two. Which is kinda okay, because my practice Bunny then goes to a good cause! There are also cute Bunny patterns in this months Australian Better Homes and Gardens...check it out!

I am officially taking a break from Baby Gee's quilt as I am not happy with not knowing if Baby is a girl or a boy - I know, it shouldn't make a difference but it does. And I'm not sure about the colours - or the fabrics - or the pattern. Best to take a break, methinks. Instead I will turn my attention to finishing the handquilting on my first quilt (winter is a much better time for sitting under a wool blanket, and winter is definately on the way!), and my lovely stash of American Jane, Denise Schmidt, and Amy Butler fabrics which are all stunningly yummy - there MUST be a new quilt in there somewhere! Quilt class tonight - can't wait!


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