Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Slow and Steady...

Progress on Baby Gee's quilt is coming along slow and steady with the completion of the first of the cute farm animals in a range of the 13 vintage inspired fabrics, with additional cute animals and other identifiable objects (such as an umbrella and rugby ball!) still to come - the cutouts are drawn from the original pattern and my impressive collection of 100 cookie cutters (of all things) and attached to the calico squares with visilene, then sewn into place and held with pretty embellishments, such as a beaded cat collar.

Check out these adorable retro fabrics from Patchwork Passion - added to the ever-growing stash!

And finally, these. Six spools of gorgeous coordinating ribbon, with four feet of ribbon on each (they're from America - go figure!). Made by American Crafts: Elements and available from Spotlight for $14.95, these are actually located with the scrapbooking supplies but could easily be used by a budding seamstress for something pretty...again, as yet to be determined and added to that stash!


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