Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dotty Jotty Goodness

Being the stationery fiend that I am, I saw these featured recently in a crappy women's magazine (my other addiction) (along with fabric) (and a few other things that cannot be named) and knew that there was absolutely no chance that I would not own them...that's right, Denyse Schmidt stationery! Gorgeous. Featured here are the Dot's and Jot's Mix and Match Writing Paper ($19.95 from Borders) and the Dot's and Jot's Corrospondence Cards (5 cards each of the four designs featured, $29.95 from Iko Iko) along with two of my matching fabrics from the Flea Market Fancy fabrics. Ahhhhh.....bliss.

And an addendum about the fate of Mr. Bunny. He has been officially adopted by the lovely Harriet who promises to care for him and love him lots and lots.

This week has been chaos as usual with "big deals" of note being CeeJae starting his fourth day of daycare - a HUGE dilemma and ENORMOUS decision for me but a necessary evil given the fantastic opportunities ahead for his Mummy (and really not too big an impact this week given that we had Monday and Tuesday at home) - and the impending arrival of film crews on Friday and Sunday to film our beautiful boy for a new child development series called "Nought to Five".
Very exciting!


At 10:24 PM , Blogger Em said...

I LOVE the stationary! Why do we not have Borders up here in the sticks? I LOVE IT! I think I have to look at this more closely. Is this gorgeousness to be used or stashed?
Dont fret about day 4 of daycare. Ceejae will be better than fine. And you have got to take advantage of those opportunities. Filming sounds v exciting. Post details when its over!


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