Thursday, June 15, 2006


One of the things I am finding really tough these days is that this blogging thing has introduced me to far too many clever people! I am now officially addicted to blogs (in addition to my addictions to magazines, linen, fabric, and stationery - as well as a few others I'm sure!) - and you may notice that the list of inspiring blogs on mine is constantly being updated as I come across more and more talented people!

My favourites this week are Cheeky Beaks (where I am in the throes of purchasing a peice of Kristen's gorgeous fabric - see Number 4), Mercy Lane, where Megan muses about her life (and she's a fellow NZ blogger who loves Spotlight as much as I do - yay!), and this free Bitty Booties pattern from Heather Bailey, which I found through Whip Up. I cannot wait to make a pair of these ADORABLE booties...thank you Heather! Only downside is that I missed out on Hillary's gorgeous pattern book...the unbearable pain being slightly allievated by the promise of a waiting list and a second printing!

I've also located inspiration in some less likely, but needed, places this week - in winter, which has inspired me to get out the first quilt I ever attempted and get it finished (handquilting a quilt also keeps you warm!), in the impending arrival of new babies, which is the source of inspiration behind the nappy bag and the red and cream baby quilt (with fabric being collected for another), in sadness, in gratitude, in kindness, and in joy.

The Magazine Swap is on next week - I am so excited! I have found the magazine for Marsy and I'm busy stuffing the package with a few extra goodies... This is my first swap, and it's been really nice meeting a like-minded blogger/Mum/woman - I can't wait for the next one!


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