Friday, May 05, 2006

Bunny Making (aka Working at Home)

It's called working AT home (as opposed to FROM home which would imply that I was being paid by the university for working, but yesterday was actually a private practice day...ergo no real work, no real pay) and sewing is work, people! While I did manage to see a client and engage in a little bit of reading yesterday, I managed to finish this little beauty for CeeJae (note the gorgeous scotty dog fabric - love it!):

[And another one, which is in the mail to a dear friend so I'll post his picture once he's been received. Same with the one I made last Thursday...while working. At home. Which is is the mail to a special someone. Hmmmm...I'm sensing a theme here!]

In keeping with CeeJae's parsimonious nomenclature system for his impressive soft toy collection, CeeJae has called his new bunny, "New Bunny". New Bunny joined the ranks of Dog, Bear, Rabbit, Panda, Happy Meal Puppy, Lamby, Big Ted, Daddy's Bunny, Mummy's Bunny, Little Ted, and Sid the Sloth in bed last night...he's been accepted by the clan!

[The big words? Part of a competition with the girls at work to add the word "parsimonious" to every document we publish - glorious, as it means "excessively sparing or frugal". As if we don't have enough to do!]


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