Sunday, May 28, 2006

I Heart Melbourne

So much to tell you but simply no room to blog...where is my precious time going? Jewels and I had a WONDERFUL weekend in Melbourne but, as you can imagine, a weekend simply wasn't long enough to enjoy all the Melbourney goodness! [Having said that, I managed to put a major dent in the Visa in 24 hours so imagine the damage if I'd been there any longer...]. Purchases of note (aside from a plethra of booze and perfume - Calvin Klein, Eternity Moment - from duty free, dinner and breakfast out, and other good things) included these BEAUTIFUL Nine West wedges:

And these little fabric gems (VERY RESTRAINED), picked up from the utterly adorable Patchwork on Central Park - a veritable hotbed of vintage/30's inspired fabrics, and a completely overwheming experience, which I'm glad I've seen, but probably don't need to see again...the shop is really no more wonderful (in hindsight) than Patchwork Passion, Cushlas, and the like. We are lucky to have just what we need here, girls!

The turquoise/green pair at the top are Amy Butler upholstery fabrics (Sunbloom) which will some day be cushions on our bed. The green's on the left are from a gorgeous series called "Johnny and Buck", which are destined for a quilt for BabyHill (due in September).

CeeJae and I have just returned from four days on the farm in Cambridge, catching up with my wonderful family. Managed a little more of BabyGee's quilt and completed a panel for a special family quilt while at home, as well as a quick trip to see "Calling All Quilts" at the Hamilton Gardens (which was a nice little peruse of a few inspiring quilts and still more quilting fabrics - for a change! See photo below) so this week's projects will focus on completing the nappy bag for my SIL's baby shower, as well as more work on the Baby quilt, and maybe trying out this new bunny pattern from Kiddley (aka Lobbylu). Check it out! This site is full of FANTASTIC ideas for kids!
Oh, and two new bunnies completed last week for Shona (one of the "pretty lady's" at work) and Nik-ka-ka (CeeJae's beloved early education teacher) - photos to follow!


At 9:46 PM , Blogger Em said...

Am loving the new fabrics - especially the cowboys and canoes, very very cute. Those wedges look fab, when and where will you wear them? Would like a side shot too please :-) Isn't Melbourne great! Good to hear that the patchwork shops here in little old NZ are just as good. Happy stitching!


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