Thursday, May 04, 2006

Only 16 Sleeps...

My lovely friend Jewels and I are off to Melbourne for a shopping weekend on 20 decadent is that?

The plan pretty loose but definately involves flying out very early on Saturday morning, leaving our bags here where we're staying the night (courtesy of a fabulous deal we located at wotif), before probably jumping on the tram for a spot of shopping here, because I really NEED fabrics by these people and these people, heading back into the city for more shopping, with stops along the way for still more shopping (probably involving wedding shoes for the bride - her - and her best woman - me, or just shoes in general), and sporadic eating and drinking in between to keep our strength up and moral high! Saturday night we may head out for a drink (damn the shops for being closed!) or catch up with my sister-in-law who lives in Melbourne and apparently knows something about outlet stores? Sunday we are eating and shopping again (those outlet stores, maybe?), before flying out at lunchtime, bags laden with goodies, to return home (through duty free!) to Auckland early evening.

Sounds tiring...I'll probably need a holiday to recover from my weekend away!


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