Monday, May 08, 2006

It's Like The SPCA Up In Here!

New home has been found for this little pink bunny who was a gift for my SIL, along with a few other goodies forBaby and Mummy.

This one (on the left - sorry about the crap photo) is a thank-you present for Emma, who I visited with and stayed the night with on Friday night, while working/playing for a few hours in Whangarei...her little man was, however, understandly very disappointed to find that I hadn't brought a gift for him too - so I will be making him a special little something-something in the coming weeks.

And yes, I did "call in" to the Apple Basket Quilt Shop in Kaiwaka and the Bernina Sewing Shop in Whangarei and I was VERY VERY NAUGHTY. Aren't the spotty fabrics (by Moda, from the Bernina Shop) glorious could I resist?

I'm sure a suitable punishment will be devised and delivered in due course!


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