Monday, May 01, 2006

Excuse Me - Don't You Know Who I Am??!!

The best part of Friday and all day Sunday saw the arrival of a film crew at our house to shoot a new series for Homegrown TV called "Nought to Five" which features typically developing NZ kids and their Mummy's and Daddy's - and CeeJae will be representing two year old boys (yes, that's him in the photo above engaging in extreme glue-sticking with his Daddy in the garage). The show screens on TV One in August - and was so much fun to shoot! Friday we had a chat with Gill Connell, who's one of the developers of the Moving To Learn programme for preschoolers, which was really interesting, and Sunday we met with Jo Lloyd-Lewis, who's a wonderful family therapist from Hamilton, who had lots of tips and tricks for us for managing CeeJae's everyday behaviour. It was kind of awkward being involved because the Monkey and I are, quite frankly, pretty damn good parents (yes, I nearly pulled out at the 11th hour...) and as such we have very few issues with CeeJae - and the uprise of those crappy evil "Supernanny" shows is pretty damn scary - but we have been assured that the show aims to capitalise on the great things we're already doing (all three of us) with additional thoughts and ideas from Gill and Jo to help us and other families with "normal, everyday" two-year-olds! So - house tidy, makeup on, everybody in their Sunday best, the film crew arrive and promptly shoot footage of Callum bouncing on the bed in the only "not-so-tidy" room in the house (the master bedroom, where I KNEW they wouldn't venture into) and playing in the "wild jungle of weeds" that is also known as our back garden...good news is, we're probably on the list for Maggie's Garden Show!

Callum LOVED the thought of being on TV and meeting his new "film crew friends", and was an absolute star, doing everything he was asked to do and more - even when he was tired beyond belief. Sunday afternoon saw an adventure to the park with the crew in tow which meant we were surrounded by other people wanting to know what was going on - and yes, we all loved the attention because it's really nice to feel like a movie star, even if it is just for a minute.

Direct Quote: Mummy! Mummy! The little white box has music in it!

Happy Birthday to my Mummy too...welcome home, we missed you, and we hope you had a lovely May Day birthday!


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