Friday, January 20, 2006

Update me, damn you!

And what the hell is the point in having a blog if you aren't even going to write in it?

Busy bee this week with work and Mummy stuff and all that jazz (the truth is, I have NO idea). I can't believe it's been a week since my wee expedition to the 'Tron, sans Baby and Monkey, for an overnight with my bestest friend and quilting buddy, Jewels...a kindred spirit who I have been friends with since our wayward Uni days. We began our day with the Quilting Show on the Living Channel, which I can proudly say I had never watched (until last Friday, of course) - excuse me, but 1970 called and want's it's TV show back! How archaic were those two women? And the quilts? Can you spell HID-E-OUS!? Nevertheless, I am assured that there are rare gems, but alas, as I am one of the few people who cares very little for Sky TV, it shall never be seen again.

Jewels and I then reviewed the latest Australian Patchwork & Quilting, which I don't usually bother with, but the latest issue is pretty damn inspiring, and I'm now bidding furiously on TradeMe (ah, my beloved TradeMe) for a back issue (Vol 12 Number 10) containing a Material Obsession pattern which I would like to do my Amy Butler's in...when I have a spare minute. My brilliant friend then helped me finish the pattern for the QUILT THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED (Harry Potter anyone?) then we were off to the Warehouse (where everyone kets a bargain) in Te Rapa Straight - truly a marvellous beast - and out to the 'Bridge for lunch and a visit to the ever delectable Kate Fitzpatrick for oilcloth (which won't be in until Febuary) to cover the sewing table recently purchased off TradeMe - $8 even! I win! Last but not least the requisite trip to the Sewing Centre at 5X Roads for a few little fabric gems before heading back to Jewel's house for a quiet but fantastic dinner and a WHOLE NIGHTS SLEEP IN MY OWN BED ALL BY MYSELF...ahhhhhhhhhhhh, bliss. The simple pleasures. Thanks to Jewels and the Monkey for the mini-break away from my life - I needed it, and couldn't have done it without either of you.

The heart quilt is slowly heading in the right direction - the binding is finally on (just needs to be handstitched to the backing) and I have now decided to hand quilt around the hearts (they look so cute all puffy and yummy like that!) and add hearts in between for increased stability and to hide my crappy machine quilting...if I could undo the damn thing and redo it I would, but I guess this is/was my first quilt and I am assured by friends that you can't tell how awful my sewing was!

At least my sewing improved DRAMTICALLY for the beloved heirloom quilt I gave to my sister for Christmas last year.

This quilt is GORGEOUS, a slightly modified pattern (I added a border) by Rosalie Quinlan called "Rebekah Amy's Quilt" in pretty Moda and Robyn Pandolph florals and checks and stripes...very much like my sister in the gorgeous-ness of it all and (hopefully) perfect for her. There were tears on Chrsitmas Day when I gave it to her, that's for sure. (Just to clarify, in my crazy-mixed-up-wonderful-family, we draw a family member's name out of a hat and MAKE that person a present from the whole family - how cool are we!?)


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