Thursday, January 12, 2006

Be still my beating heart...Part Two!

This delicious selection of "Chocolate Mint" Amy Butler fabrics arrived yesterday...they are truly yummy and I look forward to adding them to my growing collection of Amy Butler's for use someday in something beautiful - if only I know what!

Purchased from the Fat Quarter Shop, they arrived without issue and I'm thrilled - I'm looking forward to my next purchase already! Ceejae was so funny - he received a parcel from my cousin and her family in Ireland (two Thomas the Tank Engine puzzles - he is into ANYTHING to do with Thomas and trains in general) and, once the puzzles had been dutifully opened, inspected and assembled) he set about helping me open my parcel. He was delighted with the "fab-wic" and, once he had torn open the wrapping, he proceeded to enjoy a selection of Amy Butler sandwiches. So cute!


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