Saturday, January 07, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was our fifth wedding anniversary - and we enjoyed a fantastic day which began when my Christmas present from Amazon arrived at 7.30am...perfect! The only trouble with these delicious new tomes is that both books are filled to the brim with wonderful inspiring ideas - where will I find the time? I have a few other projects on the go at the moment but will ensure that I make time to get to a few of my new favourites in due course.

We then offloaded CeeJae for a morning with his delightful aunt and headed into the City for breakfast in an quaint french cafe in K'Road (where the food and service were amazing - we will be back!) and a quick visit to Illicit to choose a design for the Code Monkey's anniversary present - a tattoo! We have been talking about getting him one for AGES and the celebration of five years married seems the most appropriate time to scar my man for life...

The afternoon concluded with a quick trip to Spotlight for the plain fabrics that will be the basis of my Mystery Quilt (previously mentioned) and then fish and chips and cold champagne in the Park with family and friends which was fabulous - very relaxing and CeeJae destroyed himself chasing his cousins and friends and jumping on them while playing "soccer"! Home to bed for CeeJae and the Monkey and I watched a little ANTM (although thanks to my impatience and the UPN website I already knew that the winner was Naima) and then "Sin City (4 stars on the ElleMae Rating Scale - very violent but beautifully played out) before bed...

On the ANTM thing, I have decided that I will NEVER watch another series - how many FRIGGIN CRAP MODELS does America really need!!!?? And, as with all reality TV crap, the subsequent show's never live up to the first one...and without Elyse that show is NOTHING (How sad is this #1? We loved Elyse so much that, should our second child finally eventuate AND be a girl, she'll be named after Elyse...). Besides - I love Project Runway this week anyway! Go Heidi!


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