Sunday, August 12, 2007


Welcome back! I've finally dusted off the sewing machine (and trust me, she was pretty damn dusty!) and re-joined my Tuesday night quilt class, so I guess I'm OFFICIALLY back quilting and crafting.

I have two serious projects on the go - one's a secret project (check back here in December for explanation and photos), and the other's the quilt I started for Harry-Pants while I was carrying him, but abandoned in favour of other projects (and because I really didn't know if he was a "he" or a "she"):

Plus, these supplies (LOVE the ribbons) purchased from Spotlight yesterday on a wee jaunt out without either of my children confirm my renewed crafting commitment:

Of note, the last round of nappy bags now belong to babies - welcome to the world Thomas Christopher (my gorgeous nephew, born 08 July 2007) and Zoe Helen, born yesterday afternoon (after a lot of hard work from her very tired but very happy Mummy). Congratulations to the proud Mummies and Daddies - Harry and I am SO looking forward to meeting both Thomas and Zoe this coming weekend.

Oh - and insert gratuitous baby photo here. Isn't he just too damn adorable?


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