Saturday, December 02, 2006


1. December. Holy shirt-tales Batman, where has this year gone!? [Please do not tell me how many sleeps there are until Christmas, I may implode...]

2. Summer is finally here! Today is simply glorious in the City Of Sails, the most amazing and perfect first summer's weekend day...about time too! CeeJae and I abandoned a sleeping Daddy early this morning (who was out until all hours watching bad 8o's videos!) and headed out to the park, before breakfasting on pancakes and other kinds of yumminess at our favourite local cafe, Frolic. Perfect.

3. Marsy's little parcel of goodies have arrived! I made her a bag for leaving a comment on my blog and parceled it up with a little scrap and button bag and a classic children's book (My Cat Likes To Hide in Boxes!) for her daughter. The nine-patch on the front is actually the American vintage patch that Marsy sent me as part of our magazine somehow seemed fitting for it to be returned to her in this way. The pattern in a ElleMae-Amy Butler Nappy Bag hybrid and the interior is striped, spotted, and floral flannels. Soft and pretty.

4. Jewels arrives in the City on Monday for her wedding to the G-Man next Saturday. I am really looking forward to her arrival as we have lots of fun and girly things planned for next week (I have a few days off), including a cocktail celebration hen's night and pedicures!

5. A pretty new Rosalie Quinlan bag pattern for a special Christmas present - I'm not at all keen on the paisley but I love the style and have a few Amy Butler's which will be perfect for both bag and recipient. Still, while I refuse to acknowledge the number of sleeps until Christmas, I am well aware that I had better get off the computer and get sewing!


At 11:04 PM , Blogger purple giraffe said...

The cat from Norway got stuck in the doorway, but my cat likes to hide in boxes. I love that book! :-)


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