Thursday, October 26, 2006

One Week

Tomorrow, my little sister and her lovely husband will have been married for one whole week! The wedding was simply amazing; the weather held, and the Bride looked absolutely stunning in her very posh frock (complete with full veil even!) - the gorgeous couple looked adorably happy and "oh-so-in-love" all day long! The cupcake wedding cake was a favourite - inspired! And those cupcakes were as delicious as they look! My reading - a simple but beautiful piece about true love being "more than verses on valentines" - went off pretty much without a hitch, as long as I didn't look at the Bride!

CeeJae made an adorable ringbearer, especially dressed in the same outfit as the groomsmen complete with buttonhole, although to be fair his behaviour was NOT as angelic as he looks! We may have inadvertently built the ringbearer position into something a little too overwhelming, and we neglected to mention/rehearse with 60+ guests, who would be staring at him for a full 30 seconds. Still, my lovely husband kindly offered to take the little guy home early in the afternoon (the joy of an 11am wedding) so I could relax and enjoy the party. Yay for me!


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