Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lazy Susan

I know - I'm not Susan, but I'm lazy nonetheless. What the heck have I been doing since the 20th of March?
The bunnies are still in pieces but I did finish this nappy bag for Charlie a few weeks back, which I am really pleased with - I think this might even be my favourite to date. LOVE the orange and green combination - the fabrics are wool felt (for the main exterior panels) and predominantly a mix of Amy Butler flannels and cottons for the detail and interior.

Oh, and I washed, ironed, and cut the fabrics for the next three - I've decided to try a production line for these three, which I understand may be the way to go when sewing up more than one of anything...so watch this space!

Oh, and for some bizarre reason, I have taken up knitting. 10 weeks to go and we are ready for Baby Peanut - little itty bitty clothes are all washed and put away and the nursery is set up...we just need a baby (but not yet!). So I decided to try a Shepherd singlet pattern (1747) to keep me busy (and stop me buying more baby crap that we don't need). I've already had to unravel 3cm after a hidous casting off incident, so I'm thinking this adorable little singlet MIGHT be done by the time Peanut is 21!


At 4:53 AM , Blogger Jennifer said...

I was delighted to come across your blog today; what a lot of great stuff going on! Wanted to tell you that my grandmother's name was Ellamae; don't see many others with the name or its variations!



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