Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Back To Our Regular Programming

As well as growing a person, this week's featured WIP's include:

Painting Baby Peanut's chest of drawers in Biscotti, from Resene. (Look at how terribly sick I am, Grandma. And don't worry - Daddy already told Mummy off for my lack of pants!).

Washing and drying baby clothes, in desperate need of that chest of drawers!

Nappy Bag #1, Nappy Bag #2, and Nappy Bag #3 (featuring my new AB's - you cannot beat the FQS for selection and service!):

A quilt (in desperate need of an iron):

And a few bunnies (although the Monkey says this image reminds him of a bunny abattoir!)

Hmm, nesting anyone?


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