Thursday, October 18, 2007

To Do List (Part 17, Version 4)

  1. Update my blog. So much to tell you! All four of you...The Waikato Quilt and Craft Show (fantastic day out with my very best friend and her beautiful and very well behaved daughter, while my wonderful parents took damn fine care of my two children - yes people, almost a WHOLE DAY OFF!); the totally delicious Freshcut by Heather Bailey; going back to quilt class (yay); a heap of sewing projects (see below); and an almost finished post about gorgeous handmade love for Harry...
  2. Finish the damn scrappy bunnies! Who's silly idea was it to make 13!?! Thanks for the comment love - the winner of the random draw ("here, pick a number, CeeJae") is Zoe. Congratulations, baby girl!
  3. Sew up the nappy bag that I'm donating to the kindy fair. The very same kindy fair that the rabbits are destined for. The very same kindy fair which is on NEXT weekend.
  4. Finish the FOUR nappy bags which lovely people have asked me to make for them.
  5. Finish Harry's cowboy quilt.
  6. Finish my mystery project...
  7. Stu wants the boy version of the Messenger Bag for his birthday. Which is in 12 days. Better get onto that too.
  8. Re-think this silly "going back to work" idea - when will I get any sewing done!? (PS. I went back to work 24 hours/week yesterday which MAY explain the lack of posts but probably doesn't.)


At 6:42 am , Blogger lemonade sandwich said...

As one of the four readers, I am glad to hear that you are doing well, even if somewhat overwhelmed. I think making lists is my new hobby. Good luck with your ambitious sewing plans.

At 12:56 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats an extremely busy list!! Where is the list item that says "put your feet up with a glass of wine or a nice cuppa?" Man I have alot to learn about motherhood aye! hehehe! Hoping to pop into the fair on weekend for a peek


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