Monday, September 17, 2007


How is it possible that I have a four year old!? CeeJae celebrated his fourth birthday yesterday with a glorious Pirate Lunch - eight little pirates spent two-and-a-half hours trapped in our house playing pass the parcel, pin the feather on the parrot, and a million games of statues, as it poured with rain all over our "chuck them outdoors to play for an hour" plans! However, I used the Donna Hay Pirate Party ideas from one of her Kids issues as the base for the menu so the food was yummy and very, I love that woman!

And there was a pretty damn stunning (if I do say so myself) dairy-free and egg-free chocolate Treasure Chest cake (surprisingly easy and delicious - especially if you swap the cup of water for a cup of chocolate soy milk and throw a tonne of lollies at it):

About 300 gold chocolate coins....

And the cutest pirate ever.

Happy birthday babe. Love ya.

PS. The Scrappy Bunny competition closes at the end of September - so get your comments on the Scrappy Bunny post to be in to win! I have activated anonymous comments for the competition so please remember to leave your details if you don't have a Google account.


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