Monday, November 05, 2007

Organised Chaos

This basket of nearly finished bunnies sums things up beautifully really....lots to do and nothing quite done! I missed getting the Scrappy Bunnies done in time for the fair by 12 pairs of arms (!) so I have a few bunnies for sale if anybody wants one...$12 each, all proceeds to our local kindy. Any that aren't sold are officially destined for baby gifts!

I did, however, manage to get this gorgeous denim and blue Nappy Bag done for the Baby raffle at the fair...loving the addition of the tape measure, which I think might be fast becoming my "thing".


At 11:26 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG - will someone please think of the children! armless bunnies... Seriously - you could see those for $50 on trademe they're sooo cool! I'm desperately thinking who I can buy one for.

At 11:27 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I mean sell - not "see".


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