Friday, March 02, 2007

Final Thoughts: Creating February

I know, I know - my mother informed me last night that my blog is in dire need of an update!

I also know that I committed to more regular updates as part of my Creating February challenge, but the reality is that binding doesn't make for interesting blogging! And this past week I have been so sick - I don't recall a more nasty bout of flu, which had both me and Stu completely wiped out. Thanks ever so much to CeeJae for starting kindy a few weeks back...ah, the joy of new and un-charted germs! And he was only sick for a few days!

Still, I did something creative nearly everyday this month and I'm thrilled with the results - two quilts finished, a new quilt started, new books and fabrics ordered, and nappy bags galore!

Photos to follow!


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